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Hey you! Yeah you! I’ve been trying to take at least 1 picture a day & post on Instagram. I hope to do a proper blog post tomorrow or Saturday. My name on Instagram is technocupcake if you’d just love to follow me. I’ve got a few things planned; but just been drained from long commutes to and from work as well as long days.

One of the things I’ve been doing is cooking every night so I hope to do more food posts as I find more good recipes. If you have ideas, let me know! I hope you guys aren’t freezing wherever you are. I feel like for the first time ever I just want to hibernate. This brutal cold and the snow makes me want to go to a tropical island. I haven’t felt this way… Ever. It’s just… Sucky. It’s like, when you delay my Beautylish order by 2 days…. I just can’t take it!

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