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I’ve become more and more reliant on my iPad. It started out as an expensive way to watch YouTube videos and surf the net occasionally and is now a full blown can’t-live-without-it item. My work in particular has become very anti-paper. You’d think this would be something I’d be good at, but I have stacks and stacks of notebooks scattered around full of important notes and not so important notes. So last week I started on a quest to turn my iPad into more than just a device that I watch videos on.

First, I had to find some Apps. A good calendar, a note taking app, pdf writing app and hopefully a scanning app. I haven’t found a good scanning app yet… hopefully soon. Then, I bought a cheap stylus to see how I felt about handwriting on the iPad. With a little bit of practice, I caught on quickly and fell in love with the following apps:

Note Taking

GoodNotes is now my weapon of choice. I tried a few free apps, but if I was going to be serious, I had to step up my game. This app is easy to write with, particularly with the zoom function. You can add in photos, switch pen sizes and colors and create PDF’s. Multiple notebooks makes it easy to make sure I keep stuff organized.


My favorite planning app has quickly become Planner Pro. Wow, it’s just stunning. It looks like a planner I’d hold it my hands. It syncs with my calendar, keeps notes from the date, sets alarms and tabbed monthly browsing makes it a cinch to find what I need.


I am fairly certain I can’t not mention the Paper app. It seemed like something that was “just for fun”, but I have quickly found that it’s easy to write with, the selection of pens is quite good and the multiple notebooks keeps it organized. I love making lists and drawing things for work is easy (quick graph? oh yeah!).


For this, I had to pick PDF Converter. Creating PDF’s is pretty much a necessity for work and most scanning apps scan better photos and then you have to put them together. I can add multiple pages, rename things and drop into Dropbox. If only life was as simple as this app.

New Case

And lastly, I needed a new case. The bright pink one from apple is nice, but it’s a little unprofessional and not as functional for work. I picked up a bluetooth keyboard case for iPad at a local apple reseller. This case is ah-mazing. It’s easy to take my iPad in and out as needed, it has a small keyboard that’s still usable (that is also removable) and a better stylus (and place to store it) than I had before. It looks much more sleek and work-appropriate. I’m ready for my promotion.

So what do you use to stay productive? Anything I’m missing?


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