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Jouer Update

I thought I’d keep good on my word and give a quick update on the Jouer haul I had a few weeks back (see what happens when I stop buying stuff – I actually use what I have!) The video is below for additional swatches. Remember to head to Jouer Cosmetics for 50% off your first purchase!

The Blushing Beauty Palette:
Overall, I’m pretty underwhelmed. It’s a nice set, but pretty basic. The eyeshadows are really pigmented, creamy feeling and quite nice. The colors were pretty, but nothing to write home about. The tints (highlight and tint) were pretty, but again, nothing to brag about. It was enough to make me purchase 2 additional tints in colors I love. The lipgloss is pretty and not super sticky which is nice. Quite opaque and nice to wear. The face products is what I have an issue with. The matte powder is just ok. Nice to blot with, but not much more than that. The problem I had was the bronzer. It’s a COMPLETE dud (or mine was). You can see in the video my finger even turns red while trying to swatch it, but no color. I think if I had paid full price I would have been really disappointed. I think the half off made this more bearable. I forgot to mention in the video, the products are really small, too. The lipgloss is full size, but the powders, shadows and tints are half size. Meh.

The Matte Moisture Tint:

This was an in the park triple! Any baseball fans out there? No. Ok, moving on. This product is beautiful. The finish is lovely, the wear time is amazing, the coverage is perfect – not too light but not heavy. The problem I have, and where this really lacks, is the color range. The lightest color is quite dark and too yellow for me. I can make it work, but ain’t no one got time for that. I love it so much, I do reach for it, but not as much as if it were a color match. I recommend this product, but with caution.


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