Beyond, Favorites


So I was just browsing around internet land at lunch yesterday and saw someone posted this (which I’ve read before, so I’m not sure who the original quote is from): “Fight for your joy today. It’s yours for the taking. There is no circumstance we face God can’t handle.”

I really love this thought. At my previous job, one of my coworkers asked me if my face ever hurt and I looked at him strangely and said “no, why?” and his reply was: “you smile all the time”. I guess I never noticed it before, but I suppose I am quite a joyful person. As years go by and the corporate world drags you down, it can be quite easy to let little joys pass you by. I’ve been in engine training for the past 4 days now and it’s getting a little…well… old. Though, when I saw this I smiled. Mostly because I don’t think you need to fight for joy, you just need to realize that life is joyful if you let it be. Two years ago on that day, I was unemployed and had no idea where or what I’d be doing next. Now, I have a great job with a great company working with great people. It’s easy to become pessimistic and negative, so sometimes it’s important to sit back and just be joyful. Joyful for the things you have and joyful for the things you don’t have that make you better. Life may not be perfect, but boy do I have a lot to be joyful for.

{It doesn’t take much for Molly to be joyful – a good rub will do it… or perhaps a good bone, too}

{The Xmas gift that keeps on giving – my 3 months of flowers just came yesterday. They know what I like!}

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