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Just BB & CC


I’m not really a tinted moisturizer girl. They are always too much for my skin. I don’t care what you say, it doesn’t work. Laura Mercier? Nope. Nars? Nope. I’ve tried quite a handful in my day. In the last year or so, this idea of BB creams has really caught on. I honestly can’t tell you much about them any more (when they first came out, I did a lot of research, but have since replaced all that with something hopefully more useful). The original name of what “BB” even stands for is even a debate. The original name I heard was Beauty Balm. They were supposed to be this amazing product that had skincare, sunscreen, tint & some sort of superpowers all rolled up into one glorious makeup product. They were really invented to save the world if you believe every brand’s PR. As they caught fire, everyone and their mother seemed to catch on and create their own BB cream. I think there’s still a lot of confusion about what they actually are (not sure makeup brands even really know), so I’m really not going to get into that. I’m just going to talk about my 2 favorites I’ve found along the way.


DiorSkin Nude BB

You know that Dior has a sweet spot for me and I think this BB cream re-ignited my Dior fire. I honestly had no intention of grabbing it, but boy did this bad boy get a lot of hype this past summer! There’s even a BB eye cream by Dior! New level. It’s no doubt that this BB from Dior has made the top of my list.

What I Love
It’s dewy and fresh without looking oily. I personally love that it has pink undertones as it gives a pretty glow. It provides light coverage and does really even out my skin. I love the finish & only sometimes powder. I’m in love with the finish. I feel like even when I set it, the BB can get oily throughout the day, but it looks nice. It doesn’t go away all patchy and gross. I can apply it with my fingers or a brush… whatever floats my boat that day. It always applies perfectly. I love that it has a pump for easy application. It wears pretty well and never gets heavy. I do feel that this has some coverage, but is light. I’ve just started reaching for this again and love it in the summertime. I’m excited to use it more & more.

What I Don’t Love
There’s a horrible shade range. Though I do feel like because it’s lighter coverage it has some forgiveness, it’s still a pain. The wear time is not amazing, though I do feel like as it wears, it sill looks nice. A simple blot will do, but if you’re looking for a forever foundation, this isn’t it. I personally can’t find too much wrong with this and can easily see why so many love it. The only other slight downfall is an SPF of 10. To me, if it’s 10 or under, don’t put it in. But to each his own. I suppose it’s better than squat.


Armani Luminessence CC

After BB comes CC. I don’t get the “CC” name… Color Correcting? Who cares. Aramni clearly just slapped on a CC for marketing purposes and I can’t blame them. Though I’m a COMPLETE Armani addict lately, so I had to get my mitts on this bad boy after release. This one beats my BB cream out slightly and I’ll tell you why.

What I Love
Armani has nailed the art of perfect glow without being overdone. Like, seriously knocked it out of the park. Not shocking since they supply some of the best foundations around. I’ve been wearing this everyday and for awhile I honestly couldn’t figure out why I just had to wear this everyday. I think it’s the beautiful glow and how versatile it is for me. The coverage is shear, so that’s why I say it’s versatile for me. I’ll admit, I have good skin. I just do and for all those struggling, I totally feel you. This is probably not going to be your best friend, but you may not want to write it off just yet. It’s a great base. I think this is what I’ve always wanted the Clarins beauty flash balm to be. Even when I powder or put a light foundation over it, the beautiful finish still shines through without being too much. I have gotten so many compliments when wearing this – even in videos. I love that it has an SPF of 35. Very reasonable. So even though it might be sheer for some, you may want to get a sample and see if this is a good base for you. Especially if you have dull skin or just looking for an extra boost. For me, I can get away with this as a foundation. It provides enough coverage that my slight redness goes away with this. I do have to apply concealer if I have a breakout.

What I Hate
Truthfully, there’s only about 2 things and one has almost been non-existent for me. That one is the smell. It’s too perfumey for me. I must be getting used to it because it hardly bugs me anymore. But I’m still shocked at how much fragrance they put in a face product. The last is wear time. This doesn’t wear for a long time. Though, I’ve adapted. Like the Dior BB, even though my skin gets oily, it doesn’t look bad or just rub off me. It still feels like it’s there and my skin still has that pretty glow. For how beautiful this is, I’ll blot. I apply a primer underneath to help and I’m looking at another mattifying primer to help. But it hasn’t discouraged me from wearing the product.

I know these won’t be for everyone, but these are becoming staples for me. I’ve literally had to tell myself to put down the Armani CC cream, and when I do, I go for the BB cream. If you are looking for long-lasting, buildable foundations, you’ll have to keep looking. If you have good skin and are looking for something for spring and summer, these are perfect. Or if you have not perfect skin, but don’t mind doing a little concealing, you might also want to give these a look. I just wanted to share those 2… because that’s what I do.

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