Just Rosy

Only 1 day of tryouts left. I could jump for joy. I had a dentist appointment today and though I don’t mind the dentist too much, it’s always such a pain. I feel like it would be easier just to get all my teeth pulled. Ug.

On a brighter note, I picked up the Laura Mercier Rose Illuminating Powder today at Sephora. There’s so much hype about this product lately, and I have to say I love it too. I thought I’d use it only as a shadow because it creates such a pretty “foil” look, but I love it as a cheek highlighter as well. It goes on really smooth – but do watch out… it’s quite pigmented. And what’s not to love about that rose design? BE-U-TI-FUL. This has to be some of the most gorgeous packaging I’ve ever seen. My Sephora only got 1 in stock in their shipment yesterday and it’s sold out many other places (including online), but you can always call and have Sephora reserve one for you.

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