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Another day of fun-filled work.  Not sure I mind, I stayed late so I can pick up my new Louis tomorrow.  I’m seriously too excited about that I think!  I am also trying to stick to my plan of cleaning the house on Tuesdays instead of putting off until the weekend.  I hate cleaning on the weekend!  After work, picking up Molly, shipping some stuff, I didn’t even get home until almost 8.  Cleaning did not sound that appealing, but 30 minutes later, the house looks good and I suppose it was worth it.  I asked Colin to make me a hanger out of Anthropologie knobs I bought (I seriously put them everywhere – Target side table? Anthro knobs!) and I thought he was just going to put them on the wall, but he made a super cool hanger out of them! So pleased, I don’t think I want to stuff it in the closet!

PLL was a disappointment I thought – the episode was all over the place.  How I Met Your Mother was, on the other hand, a complete surprise episode!

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