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Lazy Days Off

Today is my day off. I’m supposed to be catching up on work and taking some photos. Instead, I’m still in bed with Molly. I’m about to get up so I can eat something other than trailmix, but we’ll see. My mom comes on Friday, so I should also consider cleaning the house. Thank goodness I don’t care or that might stress me out too.

Not that nothing has been accomplished, I finally used my Amazon gift cards from Christmas. I got the sexiest tripod from 3 Legged Thing. It’s got copper and a blue ball head. Oh yeah, sexy. I now don’t want to wait. Getting really antsy. I picked out the Brian. The ultimate decision was because there is a quick release for my rapid strap. Yes. Someone with brains! Thanks to Jamie McDonald for helping me!

Burberry order from Nordstrom on its way. Can’t wait for that, either. Will be photographing those this afternoon! Yowza! Ok, now I’m starving. Off to grab some food (thinking Qdoba or Jimmy Johns) & come home for some cleaning. My life = exciting. I cannot bare it!


This is how we roll on days off. I promise I have not fallen off the grid. Hopefully taking photos and doing posts today so I can get a little ahead. Work has been very busy (I can tell because I go shopping when I’m stressed and I’ve been to Nordstroms about 5 times in the last 2 weeks). Will get my act together this afternoon. Hope your day is as relaxing!

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