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LBD: Paint Pots


MAC is kind of one of those brands I’ll probably never figure out. Not really high-end, not really low-end. Releases so many new collections a day that no one can keep up. Has extremely… interesting… workers in their stores (by that I mean most are rude and ignore you and the one person that is actually helpful gives everyone else the evil eye for not helping). Though the more I’ve drifted away from MAC, I seem to be gaining perspective on the fact that through the limited edition fog, there’s some really great gems in there.


One item that has become a serious staple in my collection is the MAC paint pots. Don’t quote me, but I believe these have been reformulated since the first one I’ve bought years ago. They seem to have a new name called “Pro Longwear Paint Pots” and they don’t dry out nearly as quickly as I remember. I actually got through an entire Painterly without any issues recently and the other shades in the bunch seem just as creamy. I call these my little black dresses (LBD’s!) as they are just such a classic staple. They can be kept to a minimum or dressed up for any occasion.


It seems Nordstrom has the best selection of Paint Pots. They are $20 a pop (which seems to be a price increase) but I still feel like that’s reasonable. I use painterly practically every day and while there is a small dent, there’s a long way to go. I currently have 4 and I feel like all 4 are just classic basics for any collection. I do actually want to expand as I feel like there are some great standalone colors (like Indianwood!). I find the application super smooth and rarely patchy. Occasionally in the wintertime, I’ll admit that I did have a few troubles with painterly, but could be smoothed over.


All wear all-day on me. I swatched and then tried to smudge; nothing. They stayed put. I love that they are creamy but set to a solid base for shadow application. I typically prime underneath with Nars Pro Prime because I personally can see some creasing; especially in the hotter summer months. Though I hear of many who wear as a standalone base with absolutely 0 issues. I feel like my powder shadows in particular stick a little better when used on top of a paint pot. I also don’t have any issues blending out powder shadows on top of my paint pots.

4 paint pots

The 4 I have are Perky, Stormy Pink, Camel Coat & Painterly. I used Painterly nearly every day as it takes down any discoloration in my lids and makes a really great base for shadows. Stormy Pink is a perfect base for a deepened smoky eye. I often pair with my Armani ETK palette in #2. Camel Coat is more brown than plum and works well with Armani ETK #6 or any other natural brown colored look you want to pair with. Perky is my newest addition so I still need to play with more, but I feel like the name is very fitting. It just adds some serious perkiness to your lids.


Swatched: Painterly – light tan color that’s just slightly deeper than my skin color (“nude beige”). Stormy Pink – plumy brown with gray undertones (“muted gray purple”). Camel Coat – light brown nude caramel color (“muted beige”). Perky – glowy, bright, peachy pink (“cream coral with white pearl”).


I think these are gems that can easily get lost in the shuffle. If you feel really overwhelmed by MAC, I encourage you to ask them to point you in their permanent products section and have some fun. There are some great shadows and blushes that also get really lost in all the madness.

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