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Let’s Go, Maestro!

I think Armani wins for coolest product launch recently. They have released 2 new products that are quite amazing: the Maestro Blush & Liquid Summer. Both are a welcome addition to the Maestro family. I already LOVE the Maestro foundation (easily a top 5 of all time), so it’s not strange at all that as soon as I saw these 2 released, I went for it.


L-R: Maestro foundation ($64), Liquid Summer ($64) & Blush ($52). You can see my foundation is half gone, which is insanely shocking. One of the things I love about this foundation is it has an oily texture (strange at first) so it applies nicely, but it dries to a completely different finish. When you color match it, you have to wait to see how it matches your skin. It literally sets, stays and looks like skin.


Liquid Summer
This limited edition gem is absolutely gorgeous. I have been playing around with it, and you can wear it underneath or on top of foundation. I have yet to mix it, but I’m sure you could add a bit to deepen up your winter foundations as well. It’s an extremely natural bronze color & the finish is flawless. I’m still playing with application, but you need to work quick. This sets & lasts. Just a drop at a time and I start with it on the back of my hand, stipple in a brush and apply to face. I noticed when swatching, this does have light, pretty shimmer. I wondered how it looked so glow-y on the skin. It has a more matte finish, but the shimmer adds dimension for a true summer glow. Armani doesn’t overdo it and I didn’t even notice at first.

Maestro Blush
Half the size (0.5 oz) for not even close to half the price. Eeep. This blush made me squirm. I love this brick red blush, though. You have to apply quickly but when it sets, you’re set. This is extremely natural, but I have found it really hard to work with. It’s so pigmented and dries so quickly, this is not for the faint of heart. There is also only 3 colors, mine is in 500. I’ve got my eye on 300, but because this has proven difficult to work with, I’m holding off.


Swatches – Liquid Bronze (1 drop) & Blush (1 drop) blended out.


Look closely at the above photo. You can see the oil starting to separate. No big deal, I just shook it and vola! But you can see how it really does have oils in it. It glides over the skin, but like I said… work fast!

So far, I’m totally smitten with the finish and texture of these products. They (especially all combined) a really natural look. You’d have to do a double take to know you had makeup on. But the bronzer and particularly the blush are extremely hard to work with. I still haven’t mastered application & consider myself fairly decent at applying makeup (not an artist by any means, but you know…). If you are a newbie or lazy, I’d skip. If it’s worth it to you (time wise, really) to get a really flawless, natural look, these are worth a gander. I have found I stare longingly at them often as it’s just too much of a pain to apply in a hurry (most normal days). I’ll likely keep as I’m extremely impressed with them (longevity, finish & color), but I’d think twice about how they might work for you.

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  • Reply Makeup Remastered

    I think these are worth a look- yet I worry that the shades are similar to a few of my Armani fluid sheers. Are u able to compare them colour and texture wise?

    March 28, 2014 at 10:17 am
    • Reply Andie

      I did a video on it but haven’t gotten it up yet! Trying for Weds!! 🙂

      April 1, 2014 at 11:24 am

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