Lush Cocktail

When people talk about “Lush Cocktails” they are usually talking about bath bombs & bubble bar mixtures.  Though, at around $5 a pop, I’ll stick with my normal routine of 1 per bath.  This Lush cocktail includes their fabulous handmade face masks.  The face masks, made with no preservatives & all natural ingredients only last about 2-3 weeks stored in the fridge.  Every time I go, I have to snag at least one.  My usual fresh face mask is called “Cupcake”.  Go figure.  Besides smelling like a chocolate cupcake, the face mask is quite delightful and I always go for it.  This time, I got Cupcake & Catastrophe.  Catastrophe has been one I’ve wanted to try, but always end up with Cupcake.  I was told you can mix face masks, so I’ve been mixing these 2 together, and I must say I’m addicted.  The soothing mint in Cupcake feels so refreshing while all the antioxidants in the Catastrophe face mask create a beautiful glowing completion.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.  I’m so addicted, I’ve used it 4 nights in a row now… good thing as I only have 13 days left before they expire!  Both amazing on their own, I simply mix 1/2 part Cupcake and 1/2 part Catastrophe in my hand and spread on my face.  And it’s pure bliss.

I could lament on how disappointed I was that I had to head into work today during the ice storm, but instead I’ll enjoy the smell of blueberry cupcake on my face.  Hopefully I ‘ll get to take some photos tomorrow.  The trees look beautifully haunting right now.

{Cupcake & Catastrophe}

{Molly enjoying the bacon bones my mom sent her yesterday}

{And what kind of fan would I be if I didn’t mention The Civil Wars new CD, Barton Hollow, is out today.  And no surprise, it’s number 1 on iTunes.}

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