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MAC Aphrodite’s Shell


Recently, I heard wind of the amazing-ness of MAC’s recent launch (and by recent I mean 16 launches ago since they release a new one everyday). I really don’t buy MAC any more unless someone mentions a standout product. That was the case with the Aphrodite’s Shell bronzer. Danielle mentioned her love for this bronzer, so I thought I’d check it out.


Overall, this is a really nice bronzer. It adds a little color to my skin. It’s a soft powder that goes on nicely. It wears well and I do like it. Though it is really light. I did feel it showed up on me (though others warned against that it wouldn’t), but it was light. If you have much past a medium skin tone, this is probably a skip for you. Honestly, I think it’s a perfect bronzer when I just want a little warmpth to my skin with little fuss. And sometimes I want that. I do like the Glo Minerals Bronzer better as I think it’s more glow-y and softer. I’d recommend that before I’d say run to eBay and have a hay day for this one.

The packaging is cool, but I don’t like it on my vanity. Is that picky? I think it looks tacky. Raised green bumps? That was cool for about 2.5 seconds to me. It’s neat and unique and I applaud MAC for at least making an effort to make us think they at least try with some of these launches. But I’m not sucked in by any means.


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