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MAC Pigment in Tan

There are times when I embrace my pale, and other days when I just wish I was some color other than “vanilla” (that’s what everyone seems to call my color; though that sounds oh-so vanilla!). So I tend to be a sucker for products that have anything like “golden”, “sunkissed” or anything of the like. MAC has a pigment in their permanent collection called Tan. It’s one of those colors I thought I’d eventually get, but just never did. Then in one of my moments craving some sunshine, I decided to finally pick it up. I mean, I just needed some Tan in my life.

I’m so glad I finally got it. It’s a dense, rose-gold tan color that looks gorgeous on the eyes. I literally slap it on with a dense eyeshadow brush and head out. If I’m feeling a little crazy, I even put it under my eyes. It sparkles and glistens with ease; something I find MAC products don’t always do.

It’s dark enough you can tell you have something on your eyes, but subtle enough you don’t look like a raccoon. Perfect type of tan for a vanilla girl.

The only downfall? It’s a loose pigment. Which can mean fall-out and some sorta mess if you’re not careful. It’s smooth for a pigment, but still a loose pigment nonetheless. If you don’t mind some potential fall-out, Tan is a beautiful versatile color that will have you radiant in no time flat. Wear it all over your lids, use it to add some pizazz… whatever your heart desires. I mean, can’t we all use a little tan?




See that sexy, sparkly tan color? Yeah, that’s Tan. Other colors to be explained in another post!

I filmed a video today; will post tomorrow. I know you’re excited. Like, seriously ecstatic.

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