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MAC Strength!

Ah all the random MAC releases. The Strength collection was released the same as Apres Chic. I was really attracted back to MAC (no pun intended) for 2 things: Stereo Rose and Party Parrot. Of course, that is 2 different collections. So I picked up Party Parrot lipstick and couldn’t pass up Pink Pigeon lipstick, either. Then I couldn’t pass up Absolute Power lipstick. Then I couldn’t pass up Taupe Shape (blush). Le sigh. So here we are.

All the lipsticks are very nice, but Pink Pigeon and Party Parrot I find hard to wear. The textures are nice, but both colors are hard to pull off without a lip pencil for me. And who wants to fuss? Party Parrot I find a little more wearable on me, but still a strong color. They aren’t must-haves for me, but I’m excited to have them – even if people at Target stare at me. Absolute Power, on the other hand, is a gorgeous deep plumy red that is quickly becoming one of my favorite reds. It stains my lips slightly which I love and I personally don’t feel I need to wear a lip liner with it.

Absolute Power, Pink Pigeon & Party Parrot

Taupe Shape is a taupe-brown blush that was released in the collection & I already depotted it. I’m seriously in love with this and it just got re-stocked on the MAC website. If Chanel’s notorious gives you a scare or you’re really pale (like me!), I think you’ll enjoy Taupe Shape for a contour. I passed up on notorious and I’m glad I did – not only is this cheaper, but I feel as though it’s more wearable. I have a round face and fair complexion and I personally felt that people with the same features looked… strange with notorious on. Taupe Shape is a good compromise – a natural taupe color to reflect a shadow with a little brown for warmth to make it seem real. I don’t feel as though there’s too much shimmer in it, though I wouldn’t call it matte. I feel like it has a nice sheen. If you like a complete matte finish, this probably isn’t the contour for you.

I’d keep an eye out on the MAC website as they have been restocking items. This collection was not released in department stores. Only MAC stores and the MAC web site are carrying the products.

Ok, now back to watching Doctor Who. Season 4 – Rose comes back? I loved her!!


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