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March Out Winter!

On a scale of 1-10 of how sick I am of winter, I’m at about 67. Ask anyone I work with – I wore capries and flats to work today. In your face winter!!! I felt like I had a successful March, but I’m still trying a lot out. So it was actually pretty easy to pick my favorites. Only 2 makeup items & *gasp* a hair item! If you don’t have time for the epic 16 minute video, here’s the post!


The Armani fluid master primer and pressed powder have been like miracle workers for me over the past few weeks. The fluid primer is smooth and siliconey feel, but fills in pores and actually helps my makeup last. It sets quickly so my face doesn’t feel like I dipped it in a paraffin mask. The powder is smooth and sets my makeup like a gem. I’ve become a narcissist from wearing it so much as I constantly look in the mirror like “oh my skin is gorgeous!”. Sad, really, but it’s the little things, right?

I’m also in love with the Elizabeth & James White perfume (already reviewed). I feel like I fall in love with it more and more. I love it on me. If you haven’t smelled it or tried it on, I recommend it. This fragrance tends to change it’s shape after applied.

The candle is one I found at Nordstrom Rack. It’s in the scent peach & it smells so delish. I clearly haven’t lit it. Not because of the smell, but because I bought it for the glass. It’s a heavy textured glass that looks fab on my vanity. Another item that just makes me happy, so why not?


The hair product (yes, HAIR product) that I’ve been loving is the Sachajaun Hair Repair conditioner. It leaves my hair so soft for days. No joke, days. It’s helped my hair not get tangled and it’s just amazing. I’ve found it works best when not applied to the scalp. I think if you need something a little less than the macadamia hair mask, this is great. It leaves my hair softer and shiner for longer, but doesn’t seem as deep conditioning. Since I apply no heat nor color to my hair, this works great. It does have a strong floral scent that does linger, but I love it.

I also mentioned the Konjac sponge I’ve been adoring. It makes my skin smooth and I love cleansing with it. It’s actually fun. It lasts about 3 months and needs to be dried in between uses, but it’s worth it. I love the affect and that you can even use it without a cleanser and still get a good clean (especially in the morning!). There are lots of varieties and I want them all!

Last, I mentioned this Kate Spade bag. It’s classic, fun & well made. I love the size as it allows for all the essentials, but can’t get over-crowded. I’ll have to show more of my Kate Spade love in another post.

What are your favorites?! Anything good?

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