Master Bath

I figured I’d continue with bathroom organization… why not?  Here’s what my master bathroom is like (just a peak of the good stuff)…

{These are deep closet drawers made for clothing closets that I picked up at Target on sale.  My favorite part is that they are extra deep and hold lots so I maximize space.  They are slightly see-thru so Colin can figure it out.  In the top drawer are extra bubble bars & Lush items plus travel items, middle drawer is medicine & bottom is all hair.  I don’t blow-dry my hair hardly ever, so it’s good to stick it in a drawer.}

{I made a bubble bar container… can you tell I love them? The jars are from Ikea.}

{I use a spice rack to organize items in the closet.  It keeps things @ easy access and prevents things from falling between the wires.}

{These cute organizers are from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I can even fit them into drawers which I love.  They are really cute, and organize bathroom items beautifully.  I have 3 in my master bathroom.}

{My updated make-up drawer.  Got rid of some extra moisturizer that was practically empty that I never used & made room for more eye shadows.  I also found out storing my gel liners up-side-down made them last longer.  So I also flipped over my pigments so I can easily see what colors they are.  I’m a genius. Connecting organizers from Target.}

{I give myself 1 small corner for every-day items and pencils.  It’s the best way to store brushes and it gives me easy reach to eyeliners and mascara.  Jars from Michael’s, I decorated them with rice-paper tape and put my initials on them with vinyl from my Cricut.}

{I love birds.  I keep toothbrushes on the counter in a bird holder from Antrhopologie.}

{The finished product from what Colin made me.  I hang necklaces on it and it’s really cute.  I made it from knobs from Anthropologie.  You can kind of see blurred in the distance that the knob on my closet is also changed.  I replaced all the ugly gold pulls that came with the house with hand-painted knobs from Anthroplogie.  They really add a nice touch.}

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