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Missing Top 5 Fall Blushes

So, I realize I have been absent. I tried to think of what I wanted to do with this blog and I didn’t want it to become a beauty blog, but most of my posts were centered around this. I decided that I’m just going to post what I want. If that happens to be beauty, than so be it. It’s something I love and invest in… so screw it! I do have a few home/household posts planned as well.

Moving right along, I recently watched a video by one of my favorite YouTuber’s – EssieButton. It was her top 5 fall blushes. She had some really good picks; including 3 Nars blushes I love. She asked for a few more recommendations besides MAC and Nars. Oh sweetie, I have you covered. Though there was 1 Nars pick I couldn’t refuse, the rest are from other brands.

{Can you guess what my 5 picks are??}

First we have Chanel Rose Bronze. This beauty will set you back a cool $44. I do love me some Chanel blushes, though. They are smooth and sparkly without screaming “I’m trying to act like I’m 15 again!”. I’m very fair so I was constantly turned away from this, but it doesn’t look muddy or crazy on my cheeks. It’s a pretty rose color deepened by a slight bronze-y color. The shimmer lights up on your skin, but doesn’t look ridiculous in daylight. Build-able and one of my favorite fall blushes.

Next is Dolce & Gabbana in Delight. This looks like a very bright rose in the photo, but it’s actually very subtle rose color when applied to the cheeks. I do have to layer it quite a bit to get the color I want, but I don’t mind. It’s hard to mess up and would look good on most skin tones. It is one of the most silky blushes I’ve ever swiped and is really blend-able… if you like mixing blushes Dolce ones are great.

This is my holy grail blush/bronzer. I’ve literally worn this product everyday since I bought it. Highly unusual. It’s the Clarins limited edition Collectors Palette. Like I said before, I’m beyond pale. I put this on my cheeks and dab it on my forehead and neck. This would be the one item I’d say every pale person needs this fall. It brightens up your entire complexion without looking muddy. There are not enough words to describe the beauty of this… gorgeous.

Here’s my Nars pick. I just couldn’t resist. It’s called Outlaw and it’s a gorgeous bright rose with some shimmer. The shimmer is only noticeable in daylight. Temptalia gave a bad review on this and it’s quite a shame. It’s not quite as pigmented as my other Nars blushes, but I don’t mind. It still wears well, applies nicely and is buildable. So glad I disobeyed and picked this up. I love wearing this color with a berry lip and neutral eyes. Oh yeah, getting amped for fall now…

Last and certainly not least is my Estee Lauder blush in Sensuous Rose. I’m addicted to these new formulations of Estee Lauder blushes in general. They wear like steel on me (mostly like a stainless steel not prone to corrosion to clarify). I’m often used to applying a little more blush in the morning so by mid-day I still look like I have a little color, but that’s not needed for these. Many are highly pigmented as well, so proceed with caution. These blushes are highly underrated in my opinion. The photo is showing it darker than it is, this is a pretty dusty rose that looks ah-mazing on lighter skin tones. I don’t really care which one you pick up, but please promise me you’ll get an Estee Lauder blush for fall. You won’t regret it!

I also put together a little video on my iPad. Enjoy. I’m blushing!


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