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Mobi Eye-Fi Card

Look, a non-beauty related post. Who knew I had it in me? I’ll be doing more hopefully soon that I’m also really excited about. I’ve already said that I don’t want this blog to be just beauty, but I suppose that is on me.


Anyway, I wanted to share how to use one of my favorite camera accessories. It is the Eye-Fi Mobi SD memory card. This is a great little card if you want something that you can transfer photos from your camera to your other devices like your iPhone and iPad. I found this really handy when we go on trips to be able to instantly show photos on my iPad or post to Facebook/Instagram. I had the original Eye-Fi card and it was not good. You had to have a wireless network to connect to to make the transfer happen, where this creates its own network and connects no matter where you are.


So here’s how it works: your Mobi card will come with a code on the case. You download the free Eye Fi app from the app store. Open the app and it will ask for that code. Just type in your code and it will give you additional directions that are easy to follow. You will be installing a “wireless network” with your card.


You will set up your network in your Settings > General > Profiles. It will create a network called “Eye-Fi Card…”. When your camera is on, your device will recognize the network. I’ve found that sometimes when I’m home on a default network that I do need to manually connect to it, but if I’m away with no known network, it finds it and sets it up without any effort from me. That’s generally how I use it so it’s no big deal to me.


Take a photo with your Mobi card in your camera. You’ll notice there’s a little green flashing light now when you view photos or take photos. That is showing that the wireless is active and you can transfer photos with the app on. That’s about it – it really is that simple. But here are a few tips…


Your Eye Fi card must be enabled on your camera, and often the default is off. All menus will be different, but you can easily google if your camera is capable and what setting you go to turn it on. Mine is easy since it just says “Eye Fi” – it’s pretty obvious.

Also, these cards to not transfer RAW files. I generally have my camera setting to record jpeg’s low or normal and RAW files. That way, I can have the larger file plus smaller files that transfer quickly. Obviously, the larger the size, the more time it takes to transfer.

These are class 10 cards so they record data pretty well and I’ve even recorded video and transferred it over the “network” without any issues. They are now making larger capacity cards, but I would stick with the 8GB. Because of how these work, I’ve had issues with my previous Eye Fi cards eventually having issues and causing me troubles. I’d hate to just lose 32GB of photos. I’m pretty good at transferring over files, so I doubt that would be a huge issue for me, but I wouldn’t want to risk it.

Overall, this is a great little card because I feel a lot of cameras now are claiming a big update of having wifi built in. I don’t need that with this card and am for once, not tempted to upgrade! If you have a “big girl” camera and want to transfer files over more efficiently so you can post quicker to facebook and other social media, I’d be asking Santa for a Mobi card.

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