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Morning Skincare


The other day I gave you a sneak peak into my basic morning routine. I keep it simple and all products can be used at a vanity (no water!). I basically think in the morning you don’t need a lot – you really just want to make sure you’re getting off all the dirt and oils. I use hydrating products right now as we transition into wintertime.


I use the Clarins toner (orange – normal to dry), Clarins One-Step Cleanser (Mint/Oily skin) and Clarins sunscreen. I love how refreshing the mint is on my face and even though it’s for oily skin, it doesn’t dry me out. This is the best feeling, but least potent of the bunch so it’s perfect for morning. The toner is great because it’s refreshing, but not overly hydrating. The sunscreen is one of the best I’ve ever used. I love that it doesn’t weight me down and acts like a primer.


I use the multi-active day moisturizer (Clarins). It’s hydrating and feels good on the skin. It sinks in quickly, too which is great because I have no patience in the morning. I combine it with a drop or 2 of the Lotus Oil (Clarins) to help control oil throughout the day. It’s a great way to get the hydration plus the oil control. Don’t overdo it with the oil, though. Seriously a drop is enough.


Last I use the lip balm from Dior (and ironically enough just bought the Clarins… just hadn’t fully switched yet) and the Clarins eye cream. I love it because it has SPF 30, but doesn’t irritate my eyes. I feel like the bottle is too big though. I wish it came in a smaller size. The reason is because this will probably last me WAY over a year, but the sunscreen affects (which is why I bought it) will wear off. Such is life.

If you’re curious, that try was hand painted by an artist in Indianapolis.

So semi-basic… but I hope that is helpful!

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