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Kind of having one of hose moments where I want to blog, but don’t really want to take photos of a product or talk about beauty. My blog was always supposed to be a place where I could do that, so I am.

First, the photo above is of my beautiful friends. Sometimes I get asked to take photos for friends, and I try to accept. I love being able to capture their moments. I’ve noticed it feels less and less pressure-like and more of a joy. That is a great feeling.

I can say for those wanting to take photos, it’s lots of practice. I still have lots to learn, but feel like I’ve improved so much. That’s the one cool thing about this blog. I look at photos I tried to take 2 years ago versus photos that were taken yesterday. Wow, what a difference. If you’re just starting out, I recommend you keep your best photos in an album and see how much you improve in a shirt time. It’s good to keep it in perspective.

I also just got home from the “minute clinic”. I’ve never heard of it before, but if have is awesome cough that won’t go away. Working with a bunch of germ-a-phobes, I decided to get it checked out. Everyone can rest easy, I have non-contagious bronchitis brought on by allergies. It’s so unbelievably annoying, but the minute clinic was awesome. Super helpful and easy. I seriously have no clue why people even waste time with doctors and appointments. Man that was nice!

So besides this ridiculous cough that I’ve had for about 10 days, I’ve been editing photos trying to get them all uploaded. New life goal: share all my memories. Why keep them on a drive somewhere? I posted a few pictures from our wedding 5 years ago of family members’ kids and everyone is going gaga over them. It’s fun to remember how much we’ve grown and to be grateful. No more being lazy with my photos!

I had all these really insightful things to say when I first started this post… Like don’t do drugs. And Revenge is on in less than a week. But all that is gone now. Happy Monday & go Broncos! Oh, and don’t do drugs. I think we all learned something from this insightful post.

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