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My Baggage

One of the things that first got me addicted to beauty videos on YouTube was actually “What’s in my Bag?” videos. I have no idea why this is such a hypnotizing thing, but I could sit for hours watching those videos. I figured you haven’t really arrived until you do some sort of handbag video/post, so I decided just to show you in a blog post. What’s in your handbag says a lot about you and I have 2 cosmetic cases. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I’m pretty sure it means I’m doubly awesome.


The bag pictured is from Free People. I saw it in the window the other day and was put in the store like some kind of trance was over me. I don’t think its real leather, but it feels and looks really good. I love the buckles and the slouchy detail of the bag and am totally smitten over it.

I carry my Louis Vuitton multicolor cosmetic case (recently made available again… with a price increase… of course!) plus my Trish McEvoy cosmetic case I recently got from eBay. This is a recent addition to my bag, so I’m still sort of figuring that one out.

Also with me is an iPhone, Moleskine notebook I bought at Target, keys (LV key holder), Chanel wallet (I don’t think this is available any more?), iPhone adapter & blotting papers. I also have my Chanel sunglasses that I’ve had for a LONG time, but am totally addicted to. I might buy a new pair as I put something sharp in my bag recently and scratched it. That was extremely devastating, but it doesn’t seem to affect them. I love the little white bow detail.


In my LV cosmetic case, I keep ibuprofen, lots of lip glosses including 2 from Dior, clear band aids, nail clippers, headphones (in mini turtle case), eye drops, Caudelie beauty elixir & a super impractical, but adorable sparkly pen. Also not shown is some chubby sticks, real band aids & keys to lock stuff up. I also usually keep (but didn’t see it) a hair elastic with bobbi pins around it. I think this case holds a lot and I was afraid the print would wear off, but I haven’t had too much troubles. I think I’ve had it for quite some time now and am really pleased with it.


I just added this Trish McEvoy mini planner to my bag. I had some random items that weren’t really fitting into my bag so I think this is a good place to carry them. I put in a powder for blotting and my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I think that’s the perfect palette to have on the go since it has a range of shadows and you can use the black for lining in a pinch. The middle has a magnetic page holder that I took out for the picture as I didn’t have anything for it. It has a mirror in it, though, so I think it will be handy just for that.

I put in some travel makeup brushes, NARS lip gloss pencils, tweezers (I will be happy to have these!), eyeliner, concealer and travel mascara. I put in a lot of items that I’ve occasionally been saying “man, I wish I had that.” I think I will have to work with it a little to get it just right, but I think I’ll like having it with me. I put in some travel/deluxe samples that I’ve recently gotten that I think weren’t getting love on my vanity, but will be nice to have here.

I’ve seen others have dry shampoo & makeup wipes. I have wipes at work and in my car, so I didn’t feel the need to bring them in my bag any more. I never used dry shampoo at work, but I think I might add it to my car. I just bought a Wet Brush Squirt (mini hair brush) that I will probably also stick in my bag. Other than that… those are my essentials. It’s a ridiculous amount, but it is what it is! What about you? Any essentials you can’t live without?

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