My Dog is an Alien

Even though I had to wake up early for my hour drive to my volleyball tourney, it turned out to be worth it. My girls actually had a winning day this morning and made it into the gold bracket for tomorrow. Even though most of them had no clue what that meant (“what comes before the gold bracket, coach Andie?”), I’m still super proud of them. I have to wake up even earlier tomorrow, so hopefully they show up ready to play again! My favorite part is when I came home, Colin was out back mowing the lawn. So, I was greeted by a green dog naturally. Molly loves her some fresh cut grass! I super bummed that when I come home tomorrow Colin will still be at work, but if I don’t take a nap, that means I’ll edit the makeup storage video I did or perhaps my closet storage video. Hrmmmmm. I only have 1 tourney left after tomorrow, and I’m still trying to figure out what I’ll do with all this free time!


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