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Narsissist Eyeshadow


Recently, Nars released a new eyeshadow palette called the “Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette”. Everyone was going crazy over it, then people started to get their hands on it. I think this is the most mixed reviewed product I’ve seen in awhile. I wanted to spend a touch more time with it before writing this post and now I think I can give you some fairly decent first impressions on this bad boy.



As per usual, Nars developed a sleek, black rubberized packaging that really looks gorgeous, but attracts dirt & finger prints. I love how sleek it feels, but I took the photo above intentionally. I have had this for about 3-4 days. Fingerprints. My dirty little finger prints. Just below you can see what it looks like in my hand. I held it nicely in my hand while the other took a photo. That’s sleek for 15 shadows.



eyeshadow shades

I’m hearing mixed facts on this portion, but I believe all 15 shades in the palette are not new, but rather classic Nars shades. Each is a smaller portion of it’s counterpart weighing in at 0.03oz. Though smaller, there is plenty of product in there to hold you over for some time & the good news is that if you really fall in love with a shade, it probably comes in a single or duo you can purchase later. The colors above are pretty true to what’s in the palette, here’s the name listings:
All About Eve #1, Madrague #2, Fez, Bali, Coconut Grove
Madrague #1, Nepal, Ashes to Ashes, Brousse #2, Mekong
Bellissima #1, Lhasa, Bad Behaviour, Dogon #2, Pandora #2

The #1 or #2 indicates which side of the duo it was on if the product came in a duo.

the reviews

Let me just say that I agree with all the reviews I’ve seen so far – good and bad. I will be keeping mine and I quite love it, but I can definitely see where people are disappointed or returning the palette. If you have only 1 or 2 singles/duos that are contained in this palette and you’re looking to expand your Nars collection, I personally think this is a great palette and I’ve really enjoyed it over the past few days. I’ve had no issues with pigmentation or blending. I do wear all mine over the Nars Pro Prime, which I use everyday no matter which shadow I’m wearing. For some reason, when you swatch these with your fingers, some of the colors aren’t really coming off right, but when I apply with a brush (which I always do), I’ve had absolutely 0 issues. I’ve worn the dark shades as liners and even made the mistake of piling on Mekong to my brush (since everyone was saying that one was really bad) and boy did I get some brown eye! I was able to blend it out fine and create a pretty smoky eye that I actually quite loved, but I think something is just not translating when you swatch with your fingers. You know how upset I was when people were riding off the Dior blushes because they didn’t swatch well with fingers, this seems to be a very similar experience.

who needs this

Do you need this? That’s a great question. I only had 1 shade in the palette that I will probably now give to my mom and I have really enjoyed expanding my Nars eyeshadow collection. If you have limited or no Nars eyeshadows, I think you will really fall in love with this palette. I have very few palettes and I don’t regret spending the $79 on this one at all. Now, if you want the best shadows in all the land that are the absolute creamiest and most perfect shadows in all the land, this will probably be a huge letdown. If you have lots of Nars shadows and are swatching these side-by-side you’ll probably be letdown by that as well. I will say that yesterday I wore Lhasa from the palette on one eye and Lhasa from the single on the other and could tell no difference, even though people are saying it’s not the same. If you have lots of neutral palettes, this probably won’t be a smart purchase for you either at $79. For me, I’m very happy and have had no issues. I’d recommend finding your favorite beauty guru that has similar taste as you and getting their thoughts. For me, a must have… but I literally have 3 eyeshadow palettes in my collection right now and I only had 1 shade in this palette.


Check out Bloomin Beauty Blog for some swatches. Temptalia has them as well. I tend to agree with Danielle’s assessment more so I’d point you in that direction first.

to buy

This bad boy will set you back $79 and should be released soon at Nordstrom and re-stocked on the Nars web site. I’d purchase at Nordstrom if you can since Nars will not let you return palettes ordered from their site (thank god I love mine!).

Hope that was helpful! See you soon! About to go birthday shopping – anything I need to add to my ever growing wishlist?? I just ordered all 6 of the new Hourglass Ambient Light blushes and they come next week (Weds/Thursday). Hopefully all those swatches will be up by Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 2)!

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  • Reply Jenn @ Scarlet Beauty

    I just bought this recently too but have yet to try it out. I’ve read all the mixed reviews too, but I think I’ll still get a fair amount of use out of it. I don’t have too many NARS shadows (I tend to go more for their blushes) but I figured this was a good way to get a bunch in. It’s great to me that they’re smaller and there’s this many in the palette, I never finish up eye shadows anyway!

    February 11, 2014 at 7:42 pm
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