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Nivea Lip Butters

A few quick housekeeping items: today is my birthday. I’m 28. It’s crazy, but for some reason so excited. I feel like I’m getting older and better all at once! Love it! Second, my mom is in town for the next week and a half or so for my birthday and because Colin is going on an overseas trip for a few days. Hey, someone’s got to look after my furry baby! So I will try to post, but it may not be as consistent as I’d like. We’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming February 9th-ish.

Just thought I’d do a quick post on the new Nivea Lip Butters. I bought mine from CVS on a deal. Though I hate potted products, the pan makes it easy to scoop out all hat buttery goodness. These are really hydrating, but I also throw them on during the day. Rich, creamy & their scent is phenomenal. Caramel in particular I can’t stop sniffing. Seriously, it’s like a Carmel salted mocha for your lips minus the calories. I die. Hard. And bonus: these babies don’t break the bank. Going back for more tomorrow because my mom needs some in her life and I need a carmel backup stat!


Have you tried these yet? So yum! Off to melting pot!

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