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One Love Organics Mini Haul


One Love Organics is a new brand my friend Ashley told me about just over a week ago. She said that she met the owner and not only was she super nice, but they had amazing products. I was on top of it super quick and within about 30 minutes, my first order was placed. Since receiving the products, I want to do a little mini review/first impressions and talk about my experiences so far. Note that I have only been using the products for a few days so this is by no means extensive, but I’ve really fallen in love and want to spread the word.

First off, the company is cruelty free and organic. They stand for a lot of really amazing things and you can read more about them here. I think it’s very difficult to find brands that truly have a great philosophy, great products & great people behind them. One Love Organics seems to be a brand that stands behind what they believe and instead of releasing a new product of the month, really focusing on making their entire line, though not the most extensive, the best experience. They have a few products where right away I can see why they have such a following.

This brand is perfect for just about anyone, but if you’re looking for effective, natural & cruelty free, you will really take to this brand. It’s also really good for those of you with sensitive skin.


essentials to go kit

One of the first things I bought was the essentials to go kit ($50). It comes with 3 products, the bag & the skin shammy. For $19 you can upgrade the kit to include love springs eternal serum deluxe sample. Overall, I think this kit is reasonably priced and a great way to check out the basics of the brand. It comes with their LOVE bag (which I’m obsessed with). It’s a great size, durable and just makes me happy in the mornings. It comes packed with “travel sizes of Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, Brand New Day Microderma Scrub and Masque, Skin Savior Waterless Multi Balm, 1 My New Best Friend Skin Shammy and an instruction card for the recommended OLO beauty routine”. The skin shammy is a really cool, innovate product that I’ve been becoming more and more used too. It really sucks out all the impurities and gets your face clean. I love all the other products, but I’m not over the moon about the serum that I added. It’s not bad by any stretch, but I’m not noticing anything magical about it that makes me ready to run out and buy it.

The cleanser, balm & scrub on the other hand are quite good. They are very gentle, but very effective. The scrub is perfect for daily use or sensitive skins. It can be used as a scrub OR mask and you can even mix it with things like pure yogurt or raw honey for a better face mask. The cleanser is gentle, but quite affective. It makes my skin really soft and apparently, this is also multi use. They suggest using it on hair & body as well. The balm is really nice. It removes makeup like a dream & can also be used as a moisturizer. It has a very tropical scent (like pina coladas), but it doesn’t linger on me.


vitamin d spray

This spray is ah-mazing. It’s not hard to see why this is one of the top rated/top talked about product. It’s really genius, actually. It can be warn under skin care, on top of skin care, to set makeup & for refreshing during the day. It sits in a glass container with a nice spray top. The Vitamin D mist is $39 which I feel is quite reasonable. I love the extra vitamin D during wintertime and how good it makes my skin feel. It’s very soothing and refreshing.

rose body serum

I was back and forth on the rose body serum because the price tag of $39 for a body serum seemed slightly steep. A little goes a long way and it really does seem to work so far. If you want something really luxurious & wanting a “full experience”, this will be a good thing for you. If you are on the fence, but placing an order, they do offer a sample kit of all 4 body serums. This will give you the option to see if it’s going to work for you and which sent to choose. I’d recommend that first. It comes in a glass bottle and the rose smell is freaking amazing, but I do wish I had got the trial pack first, found the best one and gotten a different product to try for this initial order. Don’t get me wrong, it does leave my skin soft & seems to moisturize really well, but I wish I had figured out which was best first. I hear they are coming out with geranium in spring which I cannot wait for!

Overall, this brand seems like a really great brand to check out. I recently ordered the Vitamin B face cleanser, Vitamin E eye cream & the trial sample of morning glory. I might place another order soon for the chia oil and some more skin shammys. Because I’m falling in love with one love. They have very reasonable shipping costs for how fast they ship & I wouldn’t hesitate to check out a few of their sample packs.

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