So I totally caved And went to the Container Store opening. Just too much excitement! Although it looks like I got a lot, I really didn’t. I got another flip-flop holder for my closet, a hat rack for Colin & a makeup tray for my vanity. I think it’s a little easier to get stuff off my vanity with it rather than my Muji drawers. I put my Muji drawers in the bathroom.

I did check out Sephora, and you can only get the Rollergirl palette from Urban Decay online. Since I totally blew off my no-buy I got two since I think it will make a really great gift for someone at under $20. The Sephora store I went into did have a few of the Fusion Beauty items that were 75% and I did pick up a couple of those. I had always wanted to try their lip glosses, but at $38 a pop, I respectfully declined. For $7.50, I’ll take a shot!

The only exciting thing I bought was the La Mer lip balm. I have heard it was really good and my lips have suddenly gotten really chapped and nothing is working. The plus side is that $10 goes to the breast cancer foundation when you purchase in October. I’ll have to let you know if it’s worth it. The lady at the counter was super nice and gave me a crap load of samples to try as well. I have heard that La Mer is extremely stingy with samples, but every time I go, I get at least 3 without asking. Weird.


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