Outlet Shopping

I haven’t been to our outlet mall in quite some time, but I was able to head there today. I am not sure if it’s a new store, or if I completely missed it in the past, but I made it to the Loft outlet store. Ah-mazing. It was a huge store with great selection and I was super impressed. I also went into The Cosmetic Company Store (or something like that…) & it was not great, but I did find a few cool MAC items. They even had brushes & brush sets for great prices (if I needed more brushes I would have totally picked up the 5 brush set for $30!). I found everything on my list – plus a leather jacket I could not pass up. I didn’t make it into the Coach store. I didn’t need anything from there – but I knew I’d probably walk away with something if I stepped in. Excuse the poor bathroom pics… in a hurry!

{My $50 leather jacket from Loft.  I could not pass up – the leather is buttery soft and the silk lining is to die for.}

{The pants & socks from Loft.  Surprisingly, I found all my pant items on my list at Loft in the sizes & colors I wanted.  I was pretty shocked.  All were super reasonable prices, too.  The dress pants? $30.  Yes please!}

{I love J Crew tanks.  So comfy and cute.  Hot pink is just too adorable.  Colin picked out the necklace, and I was SO excited to see the shoes.  I saw them online at the retail store and didn’t want to pay full price for them nor buy them without trying on.  Snatched these up as soon as I saw them!  3 MAC items include a pretty green & black pigment and orange lip gloss.  All were around $10 I think.}

{I’m only slightly addicted to blazers lately.  This one from J. Crew was really nice – and 50% off.  Love!}

{Stuck to my list with these – 1 Under Armor tee & new cropped pants.  I pretty much wear these cropped pants every day, so I thought I’d get a second pair to give my old ones a break!}

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