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I’ve been trying to do 2 things lately: eat more at home and use what I buy. So far, it’s been a lot better, but still a struggle. One of my recipes called for eggs so I had some eggs left in the fridge. Instead of just hard-boiling them, I decided to make them for breakfast (Colin doesn’t like them, which doesn’t help me!).

Because I’m only “meh” about eggs, I decided to cook a few eggs over easy with some cheese. Not just any cheese, Mexican blend cheese with jalapeno. The cheese plus the jalapeno adds something really tasty. Even Colin was eying it this morning. Remember to spray the pan (even if you have non-stick) and clean-up is also a cinch.

Ingredients: Eggs, Mexican Cheese w/ Jalapeno, & non-stick spray.

Directions: Heat skillet. Add desired number of eggs. Let sit for a minute or two. I usually flip mine over, sprinkle on the cheese to melt (to prevent cheese sticking to the pan even further). Then I serve – sometimes I add a little extra cheese on top.

You can also scramble eggs and add the cheese as well. Easy!


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