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I’ve been needing some new pants for work, but I’ve completely resisted until now. After falling yesterday, I couldn’t believe my pants didn’t rip or get a hole in them. I rarely shop at the Gap, but they have the best work pants by far. Reasonably priced and super comfy. I got 3 pairs – and stepped a little outside my comfort zone. I usually only wear black, but I picked up a gray and a light gray pair as well. After I bought the light gray, it was out of stock so no photo. Oh well. Not exciting, but something to report back nonetheless.

I got 2 more pairs of my Sole Society shoes today. My other 2 are coming Thursday so I’ll probably take photos and such this weekend and talk a little more about them.

I did not fall today. But, The New Girl is not showing a new episode. And thus continues my awful week….


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