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Peonys & Roses

The flowers are sure in bloom. Luckily we plant lots of flowers that just re-grow every year and make us look really good. In our front yard, we have a few peony’s planted and in the back yard are the roses. Colin wants more roses, my vote is peony’s. I just love peony’s. Next weekend (next Saturday actually) I’ll be taking a class with one of my favorite teaches learning all about flower/bird/nature photography. It’s quite shocking, but I honestly think that’s my favorite type of photography to take! I would have never guessed!

Lazy day. I did shower. That’s quite impressive. I put on makeup, too. So I’m considering getting motivated to film a video. Hrm….. it could get crazy up in here tonight!

Hope you all have an excellent weekend! Playing with lots of new products this weekend & hopefully getting out to shoot a few things!

Also, for curious minds, I shot these photos with the following:
Olympus OMD EM5
Olympus 60mm macro lens (micro four thirds)
Black Rapid strap (I LOVE mine!)

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