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Perfect Palette

I’m actually not a big fan of palettes (particularly eyeshadow palettes). I don’t tend to reach for them and there’s always a color or 2 that’s “off”. Though, they can be quite enticing mainly because of price and travel. I mean, how much easier is it to grab a palette (or 2 or 3…) than it is to grab 12 individual shadows? I recently got rid of many of my palettes, but somehow many have made it back into my life. Here’s my answers to the perfect palette tag. I tried to keep my responses short, so if additional information/clarification is needed, please ask. I like pictures better than words.


best packaging

Hourglass got me on this because I love that they fit 3 cute little face powders just the right size into a sleek, adorable compact. It’s easy to carry with you, pretty colors, modern & yet oddly unique. Hourglass Ambient Light is my winner, but I also love their packaging that flips around. So innovative.


best color payoff

Chanel Raffinement won this because I even remember when I swatched this. I remember saying something like “holy shit!” out loud in Nordstroms. Chanel quads can be hit or miss, this was a hit and the start of them making some excellent quads. I also highly recommend Lancome shadows but missed the mark on a photo… oops. Those are super smooth and have great color payoff. Really, it’s more of a tie.


most versatile

I never use this, but of all my palettes this is probably the most versatile I own. Nice eye colors, easy cheek color & lip gloss all in one. I should probably use this… someday.


best for travel

Clinique 8-pan palette. Next.


biggest regret

Easily the Clarins Essentials palette. Only because I’m allergic to the shadows, not for any other reason. I keep it around because I can use it occasionally. It’s quite sad I can’t use it more often because I think it would become a staple.


best names

I had to go with Urban Decay Naked 3. Mainly because a lot of my palettes don’t include names. Most include numbers, if you’re lucky. I love Mugshot, Trick & Nooner in particular.


least used

Inglot, hands down. I bought this over a year ago and can probably count the times I’ve used it on my left hand. Or right, whichever you prefer – they have the same number. I think my biggest mistake was many of the colors I wanted were gone. I shouldn’t have settled; I should have ordered online later. My need for instant gratification caved and I ended up with a palette I rarely use.


most used & loved

I went with Tom Ford on this. This would probably be my current most loved/used palette I have. I always go back and I always think about this palette. I think that’s a good sign. While it’s not the easiest to work with, I love the way my eyes look when I have it on. Hot damn I’m beautiful! Thanks, Tom!


desert island

I can just picture it now: me, a mint julep and Laura Mercier. It’s got vanilla nuts and fresco for crying out loud. Plus, I think I could apply with my fingers – most likely an essential skill when stranded on a desert island.


honorable mention

So I completely forgot to add this to anything, but brought it out because I love it. So, yeah. Nars One Night Stand. It makes you look classy. I like that. Bronzer, highlighter and orgasms all in one place. Who could ask for more?


That’s all! My 10 chosen palettes for you to admire. If you did the tag, please leave your YouTube channel or blog post in the comments. Though I’m not a huge palette fan, I’m seriously addicted to this tag. It’s so interesting to me for whatever reason.


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  • Reply Kim Gritton

    I agree with you about paletts but I keep buying them….Chanel Raffinement is my favorite. Although packaging is a beauty in its self, I found that if I depot the eye shadows and place in a z palette, I’m more likely to use it. I depot more singles and quads vs larger palettes like LM. I enjoy your videos and blogs. Your hard work shows! Thanks, Kim

    December 27, 2013 at 8:18 pm
    • Reply Andie

      I should depot, but I just can’t bring myself to take things out of pretty packaging! haha. I think I’d benefit from depotting my burberry eyeshadows in particular, but I just can’t!! Thanks for coming and reading & watching. Trying to be good about posting and doing videos. I was looking back and thinking all the times I got lazy and shouldn’t have!! Even my husband was like “man, I wish you documented that” haha

      December 27, 2013 at 8:41 pm

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