Quick Update

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all are doing well. I’ve been so busy the last few weeks, it feels so good to be catching my breath. I have had volleyball tourneys the past couple of weekends, including our “big” one is Louisville. Boy, that was an adventure. One night last week I went to bed at 6 pm!

This weekend was so nice because we didn’t have a tourney. I got to nap & clean the house. I even got to go shopping. At one trip to the mall, I didn’t make 1 beauty purchase. Quite amazing. Though I did buy an iPad mini. I think that just slipped. I’m using it right now & it’s quite adorable. I got it for work & will be loading it up with all the note-taking apps my heart can handle. Hay Day looks adorable on this screen. I’ll be doing a comparison & thoughts post soon.

I’ve also been attempting to buy beauty products that are cruelty free. I thought it’d be simple; turns out Estée Lauder owns half the worlds brands and it totally sucks. Tom Ford, why you have to test on little bunnies? The one good side is that it’s challenging me to be a smarter consumer & making me think twice. I do love that.

I did a lot of spring closet cleaning & spring clothes shopping. I’m pretty excited to share a few things with you. The Loft had 40% off this weekend & Gap had 30% off. New jeans? Check. New pants for work? Check. Denim vest (yeah, I know mom)? Check. Sweats for volleyball? Check. Phew. Now the waiting. I hate that part.

Lastly, I apologize for a rambly post. My camera batteries died and I’m about to put them on the charger. I thought it would be a good idea to buy cheap $5 batteries, now I’m starting to see why I should avoid those.

And seriously lastly, I’ve been obsessed with West Elm. I bought the most adorable paper flowers (photo below). Have a good day!


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