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I got my camera in the mail yesterday. So, so excited! I had volleyball last night, so hopefully I’ll get to play with it tonight a little. Not sure what I’m taking photos of, but it will happen.

I also got my order from Lush today – just one. The one with 10 Xmas Eve bubble bars. Oh yeah. I also snagged a bottle of Snow Fairy. I didn’t think I liked it, but I couldn’t get the bubblegum smell out of my head, so I bought a bottle. It’s so pretty in pink. Puts me in a good mood somehow… Actually, I’m not sure how a golden sparkle pink shower gel that smells like bubblegum not put you in a good mood!

I’m just sitting in my new beanbag. I had a moment of weakness & ordered a beanbag from potterybarn teen, and I’m totally addicted to it. Perhaps because Molly is afraid of it, so it’s one of the few non-fuzzy places in our house!!!

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