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Random Things I Felt Like Talking About


I have been trying to do 1 video a week to get into a routine, and today the sun was out and I had the time. But what to shoot? I just grabbed items and started talking… well sort of. These are items I’ve been loving, minus 1.

List of products mentioned: Mario Badescu Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion, Trish McEvoy Teal Makeup Planner (found on eBay), the Wet Brush (purple), Trish McEvoy brushes in Bronzer and Blush, Burberry eyeliner in Midnight Ash, Burberry eyeshadow in Rosewood, & Chanel blush in Accent. I mentioned the Trish McEvoy curling mascara that’s going back!

I realize the video is long and rambles on, but it is what it is. That’s just how I roll sometime.

Also, a few other things… I just want to say thanks to the local Sephora person who gave me their 20% off. It was not wasted! Trust me… If you guys have things you’d like to see, I will post on that. I’m attempting 1 video a week and 2-3 posts a week. It’s hard for me to do things during the week, but I’m trying to get better.

I also updated my blog sale; please check it out if you haven’t. I added items yesterday and today and will probably add more this week as well! I’m doing a major clean-out this week. I’m trying to be realistic… either it’s getting trashed or finding a new home. Ah, empty drawers.

Last, thanks for your support. I’ve been getting more comments, more views, more followers and I really appreciate it. It’s so fun meeting people like Danielle or Natalie… and anyone else! You guys are the best! I don’t have a ton of girlfriends to share these hobbies with so it has been fun!!

PS: My YouTube name is TechnoCupcakeCom. It’s linked on the right of your screen and so are my recent videos. Hugs!

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