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RM Mac Versus Mini Mac

One of my fave You-Tubers (is that a word?) asked about the Rebecca Minkoff Mac versus the Mini Mac bags. Since I have one of each, I thought I’d share my experiences and some photos of what fits into each. The Mini Mac doesn’t fit too much – your bare necessities really. It tends to fair me pretty well, but the only thing I dislike is the fact that I’m 5’9″ and particularly worn crossbody, I can eat this thing up. My Mac seems to be better leather (which I’m not sure if it’s just because my Mini Mac is dyed teal) and though not hugely bigger, can fit quite a lot. The Mac can fit an iPad – despite what other posts say. It also zips with it in it. You would only be able to carry the iPad without a case or with the newer magnetic case for iPad 2 or 3. The front pocket is pretty much useless to me because it doesn’t fit much and it’s hard to get into. I also like how the larger Mac has 2 inside pockets and an inside zipper pocket. It really helps keep it organized. Lots of stuff gets put to the bottom of my Mini Mac. All and all I like them both, but do have to pair down with my Mini Mac. Though I look like a dork with it worn crossbody, I still do it because it tends to fall off my shoulder. Also, I have large sunglasses. Often times, the large case that accompanies them will not fit. I usually have them on my head and lay them on my desk/in my desk at work so it’s not an issue. A smaller case or a cloth case will fit instead if you have it. Now, photos!

{Mini Mac on top of my Mac. The side is where you gain the most additional space.}

{An iPad will fit and close – but it’s tight. You have to tilt it in, but it works just fine.}

{A more typical configuration that I use.}

{Zipper pocket open – where I store my small stuff.}

{Small wallet, large sunglass case (fits best vertically), keys, phone and other small necessities.}

{This will also fit & zip. iPad, wallet, phone and a few other small things.}

{A camera with larger micro four-thirds lens will also fit.}

{Inside w/ camera. All this fits fairly easily. Camera is Olympus E-PM1 Pen + 14-150mm micro four-thirds.}

{What I now take with me including camera w/ smaller lens and smaller wallet. No sunglass case – but a smaller case or cloth case will fit.}

{Inside the Mini Mac. Packed tight w/ lots of stuff. Sunglass case will not fit in my Mini Mac (my case is fairly large, though).}

{The essentials fit – including long envelope wallet.}

{A pancake lens with no strap and smaller wallet also fit into the Mini Mac.}

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