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Sample Stash: Glamglow


So June is all about going through samples. Check out Gummy’s blog & Bronzer Bunny for more details. Remember to use #JuneSampleMonth if you post on the instagrams. Anywho, while I’m not vowing to buy anything new, I am trying to make a serious effort to use samples & when I think worthwhile report back. I might do posts with multiple samples or just on Instagram. The GlamGlow mask deserved it’s own post, however. This is for the exfoliate mask. I got a deluxe sample and though I’ve tried before, I thought I’d give it another go.


It comes out a deep charcoal black color and had another additive in there. Almost like seaweed, which is probably supposed to help with the exfoliation. You apply like normal – on clean, dry skin and wait 15-20 minutes. First thing I’ll say is WOW this stuff burns! Not like “oh what’s that sensation?” More “holy shit, get this off my face.” It’s supposed to exfoliate and clear out your pores, but I found it to just burn off my face instead. For $69 of a full-sized tube, I’ll pass. I also hear this can dry out so if you buy the full size, make sure you open & use.

I’ve tried the other GlamGlow masks in the past and the blue (hydrating mud) has me seriously considering dropping $69 since it really does work. I have yet to try the new green (oil) but I hear it pure joy. The white was meh – again, a slight disappointment for $69. I feel like the white and black are dupable masks for this price point and the blue (hydrating) is a little more unique in that a mask has not hydrated and made my skin feel so soft all at once. I much prefer the Aesop Parsley Seed mask (I found on Net-A-Porter). If you’re looking something to tighten and more of a mud mask, I highly recommend the Stark Skincare mask. It really tightens and brightens skin. Plus it’s a powder so it won’t dry out.


The GlamGlow mask on. Starts out wet and druse down pretty quickly. Me feeling the burn and trying to smile.

So have you tried GlamGlow? Anyone you love?

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