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Serenity Sunday

Ah Sunday. The laziness. Since volleyball was yesterday, I got to spend Sunday in true Sunday fashion. Wake up at 11? Check. Stay in bed watching YouTube videos until 2? Check. Mosey to the closet and fill up 3 *cough4cough* trash bags to take to Good Will? Check. A Sunday bath? Check. I feel so accomplished, yet so happy it was a day of nothingness. I was trying to think of some fun spring posts to do, but the only problem is that it’s blaring down snow right now. Creating it hard to feel the spring juices flow.

Instead, I thought I’d post on some things I love to use on Sunday.

Real Simple: I have always loved this magazine. I always find one good idea or tidbit from it. In my mind, it’s totally worth it. Though I just found out that if you subscribe, you can download the digital versions on your iPad through newsstand. Uh, done and done. No more magazines cluttering up my coffee table. And I could read it while getting a pedicure yesterday. I love that they are easy to download and now I can throw away all those old copies. Bliss.

Lush: Mr. Butterball bath bomb is one of my favorites because it’s small and loaded with skin softeners. It doesn’t leave a bad residue that’s impossible to clean up and I can add scent to my bath since it really doesn’t have a strong scent.

Bath & Body: Ever since they started doing their 2 for $20 (now $22) candle deals, I’ve been obsessed. This one is small, but the scent Palm Beach Cooler makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island. Thank god, because I’m seriously getting upset with this 30 degree weather crap. Any scent really has me feeling like I’m back home (mom always had candles lit) and makes me feel like my house is clean and inviting… even when it’s probably not.

Josie Maran: The infinity oil was a complete goof of a purchase. I thought it was for the body, turns out it’s for the face (and small areas on the body). Luckily, I’ve fallen in love. It’s much easier to use than the argon oil, but still packs a big punch. A dab will do ya and I love pampering my skin on Sunday night. This is great on lips, treatment for the ends of your hair & on my face/eyes.

Stella: Summer Rose perfume. I bought this in the summer and while I’m in love with the scent, it wears off quickly on me. I’ve found spraying it on my pillow is a great alternative use. It helps me cozy up in bed and reminds me of spring… I don’t even know what that’s like.

Other Sunday treats? Revenge. Anyone else hooked on the show? I’ve fallen off the Once Upon a Time boat and completely committed to Revenge. I’m so excited it’s new tonight. That douche of a foster brother needs to get the hell out!


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