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Shadow Showdown

I got a request to compare Chanel Mystere eyeshadow quad versus the Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette in Film Nior.

I’ll cut to the chase early…
Bottom Line: While these are not complete dupes, you don’t need both. If you prefer more khaki/deep green/taupe tones, Chanel is the winner. Estee Lauder has more gray’s coupled with a gorgeous light brown. If you already have one, I can’t really see the need for the other. If you like a true black, the Estee Lauder may suit you better. I felt that the Chanel had better texture and more sophisticated sparkle. Though, that’s just a personal preference as I didn’t feel like I need a matte black (I already own MAC’s Carbon as well as others) and the Chanel felt a little more unique.

Chanel Mystere

Estee Lauder Film Nior


Top is Estee Lauder Film Nior. Bottom is Chanel Mystere. The highlight colors are really different. I thought the EL was a pretty stark white, but in the sunlight I did see some pink pearly undertones. The Chanel is lighter and took a little more building up and has more gold tones to it (not as stark white, though blended out the EL was less stark).

The darkest EL gray was a little chalky to me, though it may have been the glitter. It swatched fine, but when I was touching it it felt slightly less silky than the others. In the picture of the palette, you can really see all the glitter. While all the Chanel colors do contain glitter, it seemed to be a little more fine and all the colors in the Chanel are very creamy.

The Chanel colors have a deep green/khaki undertone to them while the EL colors swatched more true gray.

I didn’t walk out of the store feeling like I needed the EL palette and as both are similarly priced, I’d say it’s just pure preference. Being quite pale, I like that even the dark tones in the Chanel palettes aren’t a true stark black. I also preferred the more taupe undertones; but that is primarily because I felt like I had the EL colors in other places throughout my collection.

If you want a more true white highlight paired with a rich black in a palette (perhaps your collection is less extensive), the EL was quite nice. I actually LOVED the brown color as well. It’s really a matter of preference with this one!

Hope that helps you all!

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