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Skincare Part 1

I know so many people have mixed feelings about skincare. That it doesn’t matter what you put on your face. For me personally, good skincare is important and I do see a difference. I cannot use drugstore skincare for various reasons, the main one being that it generally makes me breakout into a severe rash that makes me have to go to a doctor to get cleared up. Thus costing me more than expensive skincare.

I do, however, like to keep it simple if possible. I’ve also found that having a ridiculous amount of skincare pays off because I like to listen to what my skin needs. If it feels dry, I do things that are more moisturizing. If it’s oily, I try to keep it at bay. I do not use the Clarisonic. I don’t really believe in a “purging” phase and I don’t believe it’s a tool that should be used everyday. I have kept mine and I do use it on rare occasions at the dead of winter, but other than that I try to avoid.

I think skincare is personal, too. For instance, my mom has gorgeous skin. Her secret? I have no idea because she washes with bar soap… occasionally (she does moisturize). My skin tends to be more temperamental. I feel like an ok skincare regimen would work for me (ie cleanse and moisturize only), but I know that adding things like toner, exfoliating, etc has really amped up my skin for the better. It’s about finding a balance for you.

I thought I’d do a few posts sharing a few products that I love. I only want to do a few at a time… and I have… a lot (that might even be an understatement). So here are 5 products I use at night right now (generally speaking – about 4-5 times a week). I hope you can find something useful.

Last, but not least, I have normal to combination skin most of the time. I rarely get breakouts and have slight redness occasionally on my cheeks – but that is more from my fair complexion.

Here are the fab five. Yes, I love Clarins. Caudalie is a close second and I do like a few Kiehl’s and Shiseido products. I find that Clarins is a great range, plus most products are reasonably priced.

I realize that I don’t have dry skin, but this winter I really like when I wash my face and it feels nice and comfortable. Not all tight and dry. Enter Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream with Shea Butter. I wanted to try the Emma Hardie balm, but it’s expensive and hard to get your hands on in the states. Clarins ran a 25% off before Christmas and I picked this up (normally $44). I’m so glad I did as it’s been a staple. I don’t love this on my eyes, but it quickly melts off makeup and leaves behind no residue. I always leaves my face refreshed. This is one of their more expensive products, but a little goes a long way and it’s SO much product. The jar is as big as my head! Well, close anyway. I think this would easily take me a year to get through and so the $44 does seem justified. If you don’t want to go to oil cleansers, but still want something soft and soothing, I’d check this out. The texture is extremely creamy.

I usually use my Caudalie Beauty Elixir as my toner at night. I particularly like this if my skin is acting up. If I’m having problems on my chin, I just spray on cotton pad and wipe over my face. If not, I just do a few sprays really quickly. I keep a small bottle in my bag. It smells like mint (strongly) and I quite like it, but I know others do not. I keep a small version in my bag because I just like it. I also find this on sale at drugstore.com for about half price. Already got a back-up in stock!

This one pains me the most. The $85 Clarins Double Serum. It looks a little differently now; not sure how dramatic the formula change is. I hope that the main difference is the packaging. The packaging of this product (the one that I own) completely sucks. For $85, it should not squirt out everywhere. Occasionally I get it right, but too often it flings across the room or all over my mirror. Some say they use this as their moisturizer. For me, I do one pump and use it as a serum about 90% of the time. If I’m feeling super oily, I only use this sans moisturizer. I got this on a deal, and I will be watching out for sales to hopefully get it cheaper again. This makes my skin feel like a baby’s bottom so unfortunately, I’ll probably repurchase.

Each side pumps out some serum and you mix. Slightly runny, but 1 pump is enough for my entire face.

Next is my favorite nighttime moisturizer – my Clarins Brightening Repairing Night Cream. I was looking for something that moisturized, but not too much and also brightened. I got this with my $20 off from Sephora and it was money well spent. This really surprised me. The texture is quite interesting – creamy, not quite a gel, a dab will-do-ya miracle. I thought I’d only use this a couple nights a week for extra moisturizer, but I’ve been using it pretty much every night. Because it’s almost a gel, it spreads really easily and the smallest amount does my entire face.

The last product is the Clarins Lotus Face Oils. I highly recommend this product. I usually add a drop to my nighttime moisturizer so I need even less product. This really helps control oil. They have 2 more face oils in case you don’t have oily skin. I had heard rave reviews and I have nothing bad to say. Two drops would probably do my entire face and 1 drop added to moisturizer helps. I love using this because I don’t wake up a greasy mess. If you want to try a face oil, but are scared, I’d highly recommend these.

The dropper is quite nice, but you do have to be careful. My Clarins person said a jar will last you a year. I’ve been using this consistently (sometimes day and night) for almost 3 months and barely put a dent in it.

So there’s a start. I’ve tried a lot – and shamefully, there’s even more. What are your favorite winter skincare products?


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