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So Clutch


I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t get hooked on YouTube because of makeup. It was actually the endless time I spent watching the “What’s in my Handbag?” videos. I spent a lot of time watching those. I was actually in love with handbags before my huge obsession with makeup (don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved it, but didn’t really start accumulating until a few years ago). So I thought I’d show you what’s in my clutch. I think I’m going to do a video about what’s in my bag later (I love my Kate Spade bag!). I have been carrying this around all weekend and I love it for just about anything. Running errands just got way cuter.


The clutch I’ve been carrying around is my best friend clutch aka the Louis Vuitton Toiletry 26 Bag. My friend and I each got one on our most recent trip to Toronto together. I had been wanting this for so long, so it just seemed like perfect timing. It’s a really great size and it fits a lot. I mean A LOT. I think the reason why I never really bought before was because the price seemed a little much for a makeup bag only & if I was going to get one, I really wanted the largest size. Jen pointed out the size for a clutch and I’ve been using it that way since I got it. I stick my essentials for errands in there and it’s super cute and portable. I love the idea of using this as a makeup bag for travel and then your clutch so you don’t have to pack 2 different bags. Genius.


First is the non-beauty accessories. I carry my iPhone 5S everywhere. It’s a serious essential. I do keep a case on it as I shattered my old one and had to wait a few months until I could get this one and it was miserable. Case it is! My sunglasses are Kate Spade and I don’t see them on the site any more. These are really great polarized sunnies that work well for everything. I got them on sale + an extra discount and they are some of the best sunglasses I’ve used! When I wear them in my clutch, I usually ditch the case. The key holder is also from Louis Vuitton. I’ve had FOREVER. I love that it holds lots of little keys like for the gym or those annoying little membership tags. I’m thinking of getting a colored one next since I’ve had this one for so long. The Aesop hand sanitizer is non-drying and perfect for on the go. When we were at a 4th of July party, it was nice to have on hand. The card case is Mulberry and I love the bright pink. It’s so cute and easy to throw in any bag. I also stuck my Aesop hand lotion in my bag as well. This is really thin so it dries quickly, but it’s almost balm-like so it is instant relief for hands or anything else.


I actually don’t carry a ton of beauty items with me on the go. I keep my lipstick (Dior Addict 222) in my bag wherever I go and I’m almost out! The others are add-ins depending on what I’m doing. I put in my Armani UV Foundation Powder (#3) and my Hakuhodo travel brush for touch ups. I also added the Bite Beauty BB in Suede which is just a pretty plum color that goes with everything. It’s so moisturizing it’s like carrying a super luxe lip balm. I also take my Elizabeth and James perfumes (white and black) just about everywhere with me because I literally have a sick, sick obsession with them.

That’s what’s in my clutch! Do you have any essentials?

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  • Reply Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    love it! I want that mulberry case ahh! and aesop!! eee yay!

    July 27, 2014 at 2:34 am
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