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Spaaaaaaaah Fun

I recently headed to Urban Euphoria for a fun spa day. My friend – Ella, who I’ll get to later – recently had a little shift in her job. We met when she was the Armani guru at Saks and now has moved to this spa. We actually live in the same town so she invited me in to come hang out and checkout the spa. I had such an awesome experience that I wanted to talk about it. I also got SO many comments on social media I thought I’d give you the run-down. If you are in the Indianapolis area (spa is in Greenwood, IN) I’d obviously recommend this particular spa, but I thought some of this info would be helpful no matter where you live. Also, warning, this is selfie central below, but I wanted to show it all!



First I started with Blythe. She gave me a quick mini facial. I wasn’t really expecting much for such a short session, but Blythe was amazing. Just a ball of positive energy. She did a cleanse and then she did something to my face that I’m literally now obsessed with: dermaplaning. Has anyone heard of this before? I had not, but they basically take off the first layer of your skin. Sounds weird and painful, but it was not at all. My skin turns red really easily and I saw little to no irritation when I left the room. This is great for makeup junkies because your makeup goes on SO much better. Since it’s taking off that first layer of skin, it takes all those baby hairs with it. My skin was smooth and I do think it made a difference in my makeup application.

One of the things I took away from this experiences is facials are expensive: get a good esthetician. And by good, I mean an educated one. What I loved about Blythe was her philosophy: she wants me to take care of my skin in between visits. She dumped knowledge on me and I felt really comfortable asking her questions. I think it makes you more powerful when you a) research products for yourself b) know what you’re looking for in products. If you can’t experience Blythe yourself and you are looking for a good esthetician, make sure it’s someone that is knowledgeable and empowering you to look for the right things in your skincare.

The above photo has little editing done to it and I wish I did a before/after. My skin was really even and no more little baby hairs. I could even see the little light colored ones around my lip were gone… no waxing needed!



Next, I went to Jess. I wasn’t expecting much here either as it was just a blow-out. I mean, outside of drybar how good can they be? Urm, yeah, I was wrong. Honestly, I think she’d put drybar to shame. Again, she asked me questions (since I’m likely going to get my hair cut by her next time I go) like “what is long layers to you?” and “are you high maintenance or low maintenance with your hair?” But my favorite part was the same experience I had with Blythe, damn the girl was knowledgeable! We talked about how to properly blow dry the hair to get volume & shine and what damage I could be doing to my hair if I wasn’t drying it correctly. She gave me examples and slowed down so I could learn.


I’d been settling for my middle of the road hair stylist in the past. No more. I’m telling you, if your hair dresser is NOT helping you learn and make sure you can style your hair, you NEED to find someone else. I loved that she wasn’t pushy with my hair color (ahem, mom!) but rather said if I wanted to mix-up my hair without dying it, there are plenty of options like a shine treatment. She said it’s an instant pick-me-up and doesn’t have the commitment of color. I loved that idea! I feel like so many are like “well if you don’t want to dye your hair, there’s nothing I can do”. Booooooooo. Lastly, I will say she gave me lots of tips and tricks on how to do the perfect blow-out and I’ll be sharing some of those with you soon as I felt they were REALLY helpful and so many of you would benefit.

I did not have the shine treatment done on my hair this time. The blow-out was really nice and I felt like the product used was enough to add shine.



Last, I went to hang out with Ella and she did my makeup. I was already familiar with Ella from my experience with her at the Armani counter at Saks, and woah baby if Ella doesn’t do some of the most amazing work I’ve ever experienced! It’s no surprise, girl does some BIG events around Indy including national television commercials. She wanted me to come and see her new line of GloMinerals. Everything on my face is GloMinerals. I’m going to do a more in-depth review on the GloMinerals products I purchased later (unfortunately much had to be ordered so I don’t have it all yet).

Ella is the queen of a natural smokey eye like she did on me in the photos above. We talked a lot about the products, and I’ll do more on that later, but I will say these products are gorgeous. I tried the powder foundation & concealer today and I’m seriously smitten. Like, why didn’t anyone tell me about these before?!


Ella did a really simple look on me that I’m literally obsessed with. For my skin, she did the Sheer Tint Base (natural) applied with the texture brush. This is something I didn’t buy but will be purchasing when my Armani CC and Dior BB is out. This provided more coverage than the Armani and lasted a little better than the Dior. We put the Pressed Base in natural light on top of some concealer and the sheer base. The Beige Oil Free Concealer and the Pressed Based were 2 products I bought and will talk about more later. Spoiler: they are freaking bomb. She did take a sponge after application of the powder and press and roll over my face to set and make sure the foundation didn’t look cakey. Under eyes she put the under eye primer (which I also bought, but had to order) and it is really great to help with creasing and I noticed the concealer didn’t settle into lines. She applied the Eye Revive which was nice, but I wasn’t sure it’d replace my Armani under eye corrector. On my cheeks was the raved about bronzer in Sunlight from Natalie (Flowerbomb31) and I also ordered that. Seriously, that stuff is one of the best bronzers I’ve tried!! The blush was Bellini. I liked, but felt like it wasn’t super special… I’ll probably buy later. 😉

Eyes was the eye base and Smoky Eye in Glo Metallic palette. Both great products, but decided to pass on for the time being. I didn’t order the micro eyeliner, but I’m thinking that was a poor decision as I’m OBSESSED with tightlining right now. My eyebrows were the gel in taupe which I did order because I thought it was easy and natural for everyday.

GloMinerals has some great lip products and I do recommend, but I did skip. The lip liner in petal was super natural and pretty and she lightly filled in my entire lip with it. On top she put the sheer lipstick in Bora Bora. She said that’s a favorite and it’s easy to see why. A great lip color, touch of shine and awesome formula. Then we put on Pink Ginger liquid lips. I did love, but I’ve got SO many glosses that I just decided to wait for now.

So I just want to say particularly, if you live in the Indy area and are a bride-to-be, please, please do yourself a favor and call Ella! I think the whole spa experience is amazing and would recommend it all, but I have a special place in my heart for good makeup artists like Ella. Her prices are very reasonable and, at a minimum, I’d have a makeup lesson with her as she’s really knowledgeable. I did my own makeup for my wedding and though it didn’t look bad, I think it would have been really helpful to have a professional at least give me some tips so I could make sure I looked right in photos. Most of us just don’t have the experience with that.

Last, for those curious, I am NOT affiliated with the spa and I purchased all the GloMinerals products I’ll be showing you (in true Andie fashion, I bought a lot!). I just thought it might be helpful for those in the Indy area as well as some general information on what to look for in hair stylists, estheticians & makeup artists!

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  • Reply Danielle Spears

    Oh my gosh you look beautiful!!! I was just thinking I NEED to do something to my hair and ran into a woman at Target yesterday whose hair looked amazing. I literally ran (ok my sister did) after her to ask who and where she went and that’s where I heard about Urban Euphoria. After seeing your pictures and testimony I can decidedly say I am calling them in the morning.

    I’ve never read your blog, but seeing your pictures you seriously look beautiful and you can see how happy and excited you are which makes it so much better to. Can’t wait to try myself, but will have to just stick with a cut.

    June 13, 2014 at 10:29 pm
    • Reply Andie

      That’s so funny! I hope you enjoy if you go! Thanks for coming and reading! I’m loving having a little more time for videos and blogs so hold on to your hat… there will be more!! 🙂

      June 14, 2014 at 4:39 pm

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