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So, you didn’t think I’d do it, did you? Well, I did! I made an orange brown sugar scrub, whipped body butter & peppermint chocolate lip balm! The best part? I actually can eat it all!

Scrubs are by far the easiest & cheapest to make. I can easily see myself whipping up batches every couple of weeks now as well as creating some as gifts. Medium level is the body butter. I made mine with Shea Butter & beeswax. You have to melt to combine & store for a few hours on your fridge before whipping it up (literally). And next was the lip balm. I probably should have chosen something simpler for my first time – I chose one that included dried hibiscus flower, therefore complicating the process as well as taking longer (on the heat, off the heat, draining…). Overall quite happy, though I didn’t follow one recipe.

Particularly for the whipped body butter, I didn’t want to waste too much Shea Butter as it was harder for me to find. Perhaps next time?


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