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Sunday, Sunday

I’m having the harsh reality set in that tomorrow I go back to work.  Ten days off was fun, but it went by so fast!  I don’t even know how you get up and get dressed any more.  Seriously, it’s about that bad.  I only wish I had spent a little more time setting up my blog on the beginning end of that time so I could have more time to play with my camera before work starts.  I’m building my own make-shift studio outside (I am an engineer, you know) and it’s been fun, I just wish I had more time for it! I had to go to volleyball today – learned all about coaching setting.  I was never a setter, so hopefully I can fake it enough to teach my 13-year-olds a few things.

I’m excited for my J Crew order to come in (yes, the 2nd order in 1 week… I know, I have a problem) and even more excited for my new Louis to come! Colin get me one for my birthday and I seriously cannot wait.  I’ll have to reveal here when I get it.  Here’s to the rest of the day watching the Broncos, taking a bath & dreading work tomorrow!  Cheers!

PS For those who don’t know me, the photos of the dog are of my wonderfully amazing American Eskimo dog, Molly.  I have no children, so the chances of you seeing a lot of her are good.

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