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Sunrise, Sunrise

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Between getting sick and volleyball… then work… it got slightly busy! I did record a video today, but didn’t have time to edit and upload. Will get it tomorrow or Monday! It’s a Sephora haul and… drum roll… Chanel Summer 2013. I was doing so well; then that hit. I’m a sucker for blue and teal. Guess what the collection is centered around? You suck Chanel. Just kidding – I shouldn’t speak about you in that way.

Not much has happened, but I did catch a beautiful sunrise and got a new lens for my camera. So much better for shooting video! I got the Sigma F2.8 19mm. It’s a really reasonably priced lens for micro four thirds if that’s what you shoot with. Luckily, Molly has been posing for me. I think I’m about to take the plunge on the Olympus macro lens as well. Too much macro shooting not to do it.

I’m excited to keep posting. I have some more ideas for videos and posts I think you’ll enjoy. Plus a busy summer should bring lots of fun and exciting moments (college friends, Jersey shore, family reunion & Arizona already lined up). I only have a couple of weeks of volleyball left, too, which is very exciting. It’s been the best and worst year & I’ll miss the girls… but not all the other stuff! Ready for some free time and relaxing!


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