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Target Is My Frienemy

Well hello friends! Sitting here in South Dakota… the trip went by so fast! Was hoping to get some videos and blog posts done while I was here… but you know! I did just record a video, hope to get it up Saturday. I have some more coming, so watch out! I also have some swatches from all about orange. So much to do, so little time.

Tuesday I went to Target, because, you know… that’s how I do. I picked up a couple of cute items I thought I’d share really quickly.

First, the teal item is a clutch, but it fits and iPad/eReader and wallet. It has a cool finish to it to resist water so I thought it was a perfect grab for the beach. I got an adorable wallet to truck on the beach as well. After I bought my Chanel, I really don’t have much more that I really want to ruin at the beach! Slim, durable and oh so adorable! I also got some bright yellow flats. I have no idea why, but when I wore them tonight, a little girl said “wow! I love those shoes!”. Clearly, they are 12 year old girl approved. Works for me.


What other beach essentials do I need? Feeling like there’s so much more. I feel another Target haul!

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