The Counter Top Re-Do


There’s officially no going back. We decided to re-do our counter tops and apparently, we’re going for it. I’ll share more along the way as I think these types of things are interesting. There’s lots of stuff we still want to do to our house including a new couch and updating our master bathroom, so we didn’t want to pay $3000+ to put in new counter tops.


Basically we are following a tutorial I found on Pinterest (yes, you guys might be witnessing a massive Pinterest fail). You mix, dye & lay your own concrete counter tops on your existing ones. You start by roughing up your counter top (that’s those white lines where we’ve scored it). Then you mix some concrete and apparently go to town. We have to sand down and lay down multiple layers and this should be setting to a black or deep gray.


This is just the start. I actually don’t think it will be too terrible (perhaps because I’m just sitting here in a face mask sharing photos instead of doing the work). We will also be repainting and attempting a tile backslash. Wish us some serious luck. I may be without a kitchen for far longer than we planned. Honestly, that’s the only downfall right now as I’ve been in super cooking mood lately.


Molly… completely un-phased and more bothered that her treats are hidden. While Colin works on this, I’m looking for some ideas for the bathroom and hopefully we can re-do that later. Any good ideas? I like vessel sinks… oh yeah.

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  • Reply Sylvia

    Have you seen the blog, Young House Love? They have done the concrete counter tops, and while time consuming it’s something I thought I might try…someday!

    July 8, 2014 at 6:55 pm
    • Reply Andie

      I have not! Totally going to check it out! Thank you for the recommendation!!! I really like them, but we did a shiny top coat so we’ll see if I keep that!

      July 9, 2014 at 7:50 pm

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