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Tom Ford Haul – Shadows, Lips Oh My!


I know, I know. I’ve been very bad. Let me explain: I have an addiction. I got some money for Christmas which prompted me to get the cream blending brush then gift cards for birthday so I got the Nubile lip shine and the Cocoa Mirage and then an addiction so enter Titanium Smoke! I love it all (I know, not shocking, either) so I’m not really mad at myself about it right now.

Cream Blending Brush

The cream blending brush is amazing, but not holy grail for me. It’s soft, quick & effortless application of foundation. Though I find it’s best for thicker more full coverage foundations (like Laura Mercier Silk Creme). I don’t wear that a ton, so I don’t find this everyday for me, but it is a really nice brush. It tends to eat my shearer foundations with it’s natural fibers.

titanium smoke

Titanium Smoke

This is something I bought because it just looked stunning. I rarely wear smoky eyes, but damnit if this isn’t freaking gorgeous! I love the glitter shades and as usual, the pigmentation and texture is top of the line. Silky, smooth & just a perfect smoky palette. I have it on my eyes in the photos above, but kept it simple. I will likely wear it more like this on an everyday basis, but I can’t wait to rock a serious smoky eye with this palette.

cocoa mirage

Cocoa Mirage

This was one of those palettes no one could believe I didn’t own. It’s such an everyday staple. I couldn’t believe it either, so I did something about it. Yes, this is a basic brown palette, but it’s extremely easy everyday. I don’t have to shear it out, play it down or “make it work”. I slap it on and am in love. The creaminess of the shadows really translates on the eyes. I think though this seems like such a staple palette, you’d think you can dupe it. I say no. Yes, maybe, just maybe, you can get colors that are close, but you won’t get that effortlessness that this palette brings to the table. It’s one of those simple wonders.


Lip Sheers & Shines

I bought 2 of the new lip sheers from the spring line (limited edition by the way). I just purchased another. I love them that much. I’ve never been floored by Tom Ford lipsticks for the price. The blushes? The bomb. The eyeshadow quads? Unmatched. The brushes? Killer. The lipsticks? Overrated & smelly. Enter his new formulas. The 2 I bought (Sweet Spot & Bitter Sweet) are perfect additions to my collection. I’ve been searching for a perfect orange lipstick forever and I finally found it in Sweet Spot. I love that it leaves a nice stain on the lips as the color fades. Bitter Sweet is a perfect deep brown that goes beautifully with Cocoa Mirage or any other nude eye. Both are such stunners, I picked up In the Buff while my video was uploading. I also love the lip shines, but it took me swatching to find the perfect shade. Nubile is a more subdued version of Bitter Sweet and a little more wearable. It’s pigminted, glossy & long lasting. I’m in love. Serious, long-term commitment love with these ridiculously overpriced lipsticks. I will say Sweet Spot smells really plastic-y to me. While Bitter Sweet and Nubile have a hint of that gross smell, Sweet Spot is worse. Not sure if different colors have more of a strong scent or what… but… ick. For $49, it should smell like fairies crapping rainbows. Which I’d imagine smells quite lovely.

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