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So, I finally updated my blog sale! Yippie! It took forever and I was remembering why I procrastinated so long. I’m getting used to my new camera and will be posting soon. I am also looking at new layouts for the blog and such. I should be posting regularly starting this next weekend. The rest of the day includes plans of walking Molly, painting & cleaning the house. Feels so good to get the blog sale updated again – I have added SO much good stuff that I wasn’t using!! Including Nars tinted moisturizer, Stila In the Light palette, Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous and more! Be sure to check it out.

Have some photos from China I will be sharing and possibly putting up this week. I was trying to get some stuff done earlier this week, but spent most of my time getting it cleaned off because I had lots of junk on it and it was running slow. Seems to be doing better now. See you soon!

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