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Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils

First off, I’d like to say sorry for not being able to post Friday or Saturday. Friday I didn’t get home until 11pm unexpectedly (not bad, had to meet with volleyball team and didn’t know it until morning of). Saturday I was in bed… pretty much all day. I woke up with a sore throat then took a couple of naps (probably because of the medicine I took) then stomach was hurting. Later when I started feeling a little better, I realized quickly I was having lots of shoulder pain. Likely related to one of the naps I took in an awkward position.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t even lift my arm last night let alone take photos and type. Today a little bit of motion is back in my arm, but still extremely sore. Not looking for pity, just this is my blog… and I say what I want haha. Will try to get on a schedule again. I’m thinking now that volleyball has started I’d like to do 1 video a week and schedule 2 blog posts a week… Weds & Friday with bonus posts. Hopefully that will work out and keep me motivated to schedule things & stay on track.

We were obviously stuck in snow and getting to work was horrible. Last week I was thrown off my schedule a lot; hopefully there is normalcy around the horizon.

On to the actual post…


This is how I found my Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencils this morning. You know I’m reaching for it if I leave it out on my vanity like this. I’ve been going to quick, easy looks in the morning. I’ll admit, sleeping in and catching up on instagram seem way more appealing than waking up and putting on a full face of makeup lately.


Now, I’m not a huge fan or avid user of Urban Decay if we’re being honest. I find the naked palettes unbelievably over-hyped for their “meh” quality and $52 price tag. Though I found these eyeshadow pencils on discount a few months back on Sephora and picked them up. I was really surprised to see how well they’ve lasted – these bad boys were still very creamy and how easy it made application. Back in the spring I was ambitious – a complete go-getter when it came to makeup. Now, the easier the better. These have been fitting that bill.


The 3 I’ve been reaching for the most are Sin, JuJu and Rehab. Sin is a shimmery pink champagne color. JuJu is a metallic light brown that’s great for all over the lid. Rehab is also metallic and much deeper than JuJu. I wear Rehab as a liner. I love that I can easily smudge it into my upper waterline with no issues and it doesn’t budge. I wore these to a 3 hour volleyball practice and no a smudge. Getting these swatches off my hands was a challenge.


Overall, I’d check these out if you’re looking for an easy, effortless go-to morning routine for the eyes. These are creamy, pigmented, can be sharpened, smudged, but still last all day. I’m glad I was on the lookout for a deal awhile back. As many things in my collection are getting tested and tossed, these will stay. I don’t see a kit, but occasionally you can find them at Sephora or Ulta. I’m going to be looking closer at Mushroom and probably giving that one a go next!

Also, I’m still instagramming everyday so if you want to follow the fun, my username is TechnoCupcake!

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  • Reply Jenn @ Scarlet Beauty

    I love these too! I have the same ones, it looks like maybe you got the same set as me – I got a set of 5 minis I think it was for holiday 2012. These have been in heavy rotation for me which says a lot considering how much makeup I have haha.

    February 8, 2014 at 7:56 pm
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