Vaseline Lotion Style

I’ve recently been loving 2 Vaseline products. The body gel & the coco butter oil. The gel is really refreshing and was great to have on hand at the beach. It absorbs quickly & makes my skin really soft. The aloe was soothing & can be popped in the fridge for extra cooling affect. I also just bought the coco oil and it to is quite awesome. I was a little disappointed initially because it didn’t soak in as much as I would have liked, but then I found it great to wear when you’re wearing skirts or shorts. It gives your legs a nice sheen & a little bit of moisture. My favorite part was the smell. Holy crap does it smell amazing! Coco & a little nutty (but not really coconutty). Seriously, I love it! They cost $5.99 each and are unbeatable for the price. At drugstores.


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